Join Our Team

Do you want to help us share stories of post-traumatic growth? Our team is eager to welcome new members!

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Join Our Team

Do you want to help us share stories of post-traumatic growth? Our team is eager to welcome new members!

We’re seeking volunteers with a variety of skill sets, including marketing, social media management, public relations, copywriting, editing, and more. Click the titles of each position to view a detailed description. If any relate to your skill sets and passions, we would love to talk about how you can get involved!

Here are the steps you’ll take to apply:

  1. Read the below position descriptions
  2. Choose the position(s) that you’d like to apply to, then prepare your resume and (if requested in the position description) some examples of your work
  3. Email us at

If you have any questions about our work, don’t hesitate to reach out ( Our team is made up of people from around the world who have had their own mental health experiences. We are here to offer you support, whether you’re a prospective team member, a contributor, or a reader.

Open Positions

Project Manager

The project manager oversees our daily operations, including internal communications. They’ll be tasked with managing and refining our administrative procedures. This position is perfect for those with an eye for detail and a passion for leadership.

Editor In Chief

The editor-in-chief manages our team of story editors. They oversee the editorial process, making sure story editors adhere to best practices and interact with writers in a timely and welcoming manner. As the head editor, the editor in chief acts as a bridge between the editorial team and the rest of the organization. They also recruit, interview, and onboard new story editors.


The editor will work with individual writers to tell their personal stories of post-traumatic growth. They help develop the story told by each writer, offer advice and encouragement, and set deadlines for completion and publication. An excellent editor and communicator with a passion for storytelling would be best suited for this position.

Web Strategist

The web strategist acts as a website developer for our WordPress domain. They use their skills in digital marketing, Google Analytics, SEO, and UX/UI design to inform strategic decisions about the contents of our website. Experience with WordPress, HTML, and digital marketing is preferred.

Website Manager

The website manager oversees front- and back-end web operations, developing content and additional pages for the website as our organization grows. They optimize the website for goal conversions and SEO. Like the web strategist, experience with WordPress, HTML, and digital marketing is preferred. Basic skills in Photoshop and/or Canva are welcome but not required.

Communications Consultant

The communications consultant will critique and then rework our existing internal communications. They’re tasked with creating a comprehensive communications strategy for our remote team. This position is perfect for an innovative and independent short-term volunteer who has experience with managing remote teams.

Marketing Manager

The marketing manager is an integrated member of our team who creates, implements and helps execute a marketing strategy. Their main responsibilities include: coordinating integrated marketing campaigns across our digital channels (web, email, and social media) and planning partnerships with organizations and influencers who align with our mission.

Social Media Content Creator

The Social media content creator(s) do just that — create content, including graphics for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. They help populate our social media team’s collaborative content calendar. Using graphics, videos, GIFs, etc., they transform our stories into bite-sized content for social media platforms.

Social Media Community Manager

The Social media community manager(s) publish content alongside our general social media managers. They interact with and encourage engagement among members of our social media community and other social media communities. Like our other social media positions, experience using Hootsuite, Canva, Discord, Zoom, Trello, and Google Drive is preferable.


The copywriters are responsible for written communications (besides social media content). Unlike other copywriting opportunities, they also produce more substantial content, like long-form feature articles based on interviews. Copywriters with journalistic experience would be best suited for this position.