Not Losing Hope

I would put different affirmations into my notebook and other statements that made me feel better.

By Stanley Popovich
The Stressed Miss

Growing into the person that I am hasn't been linear, even though I tried to make it seem that way.

By Meaghan O’Brien
I Survived

I made the decision to make sure what I went through was at least worth it.

By Hannah Siller
Learning to Love Me for Me

I'm continuing to learn all the time. It’s a journey of healing and I’m glad I am on it.

By Stephanie Collinson
She’s Intense

I was a Highly Sensitive Child raised in a home where there was no warmth, and this would carry me into my present.

By Anonymous
How Gratitude Keeps Me Mindful

I’ve learned to love myself unconditionally.

By Gabriela Otero
My Schizo-Affective Queer Journey

I’ve lost everything and everyone over and over.

By Andrea Lambert
What does freedom mean?

Everything in my psyche and soul said, “ENOUGH.”

By Amanda Boman
A Delicate Tapestry

I was afraid to be alone; I didn’t feel strong enough to be alone.

By Cynthia Fox Everett
How to Change a Decade

When you take a pause and reset, you can learn some very powerful lessons.

By Hollyn Donovan
My Growth Through Depression and Anxiety

What does a child have to be depressed about at eight years old?

By Jay Chirino
Teaching Bullies

Everybody saw what was happening, yet nobody said anything.

By Axelle Robin
The Rugged Path to Stability

I knew something was wrong when I started waking up before 6 am full of energy.

By Anonymous
From Darkness to Light

Life was really good. Until it wasn’t.

By Anthony Acampora