My Bipolar Journey

Cribbage became a go-to distraction from the monotony of the hospital.

By Jarod Gengler
I’m Going Places

I set out to not only educate and tell my story but was also hopeful I could help others along the way.

By Michelle Clark
Resilience Following the Virginia Tech Shooting

Following the shooting at Virginia Tech, Ann suffered from PTSD that affected her ability to teach.

By Ann Jeffers
Bipolar and Being Born This Way

Everything is bright, fun, and festive and then suddenly, it is dark, dull, and sad.

By Meg Henderson Wade
Leading with Resilience

It’s important to find the right people to talk to so you don’t suffer in silence.

By Ryan Zadrazil
I Didn’t See It Coming

I can finally say I’m happy to be here.

By Dominick Halse
A Bipolar Superpower

I think of my diagnosis as a best friend.

By Susan Page Gadegone
Sometimes We Scare Ourselves

All of us have had struggles so we can all feel safe sharing without judgment.

By Elsie Phillips

A beautiful, repeatable, healing process.

By Laura Riordan
How to Change a Decade

When you take a pause and reset, you can learn some very powerful lessons.

By Hollyn Donovan
Teaching Bullies

Everybody saw what was happening, yet nobody said anything.

By Axelle Robin
The Rugged Path to Stability

I knew something was wrong when I started waking up before 6 am full of energy.

By Anonymous