Life Experiences with Mental Illness

Now, when I look back at everything that happened, I realized I'm a more empathetic person.

By Anita Jackson
My Happyer Journey

I think I am a lot more mindful of my actions than I was before.

By Vinay Guthal
Sacred Fireflies

Sharing my story has given me a purpose in this world.

By Brittany Eldridge
Learning to Love Me for Me

I'm continuing to learn all the time. It’s a journey of healing and I’m glad I am on it.

By Stephanie Collinson
Finding My Nourishment

I was in the midst of an eating disorder, and no one seemed to be able to see a thing.

By Erica Fada
Learning to Accept Mental Health Diagnoses

I have accepted my mental illness does not define me.

By Livia Peterson
I Didn’t See It Coming

I can finally say I’m happy to be here.

By Dominick Halse
Sifting Through Myself

I’m much stronger than my mind tries to trick me into believing.

By Danielle Glick
How Gratitude Keeps Me Mindful

I’ve learned to love myself unconditionally.

By Gabriela Otero
A Bipolar Superpower

I think of my diagnosis as a best friend.

By Susan Page Gadegone
My Schizo-Affective Queer Journey

I’ve lost everything and everyone over and over.

By Andrea Lambert
What does freedom mean?

Everything in my psyche and soul said, “ENOUGH.”

By Amanda Boman
Sometimes We Scare Ourselves

All of us have had struggles so we can all feel safe sharing without judgment.

By Elsie Phillips
A Delicate Tapestry

I was afraid to be alone; I didn’t feel strong enough to be alone.

By Cynthia Fox Everett
The Upside of Being Sensitive

I can’t be depressed while I help someone else.

By Gary Gilberg
I thought I knew

Little did I know that this was the painful beginning of becoming a new person.

By Anonymous
Odyssey to me

I’m grateful to finally be calm and grounded in my body and in my mind.

By Laura Fox

A beautiful, repeatable, healing process.

By Laura Riordan
My Growth Through Depression and Anxiety

What does a child have to be depressed about at eight years old?

By Jay Chirino
Teaching Bullies

Everybody saw what was happening, yet nobody said anything.

By Axelle Robin
The Rugged Path to Stability

I knew something was wrong when I started waking up before 6 am full of energy.

By Anonymous
From Darkness to Light

Life was really good. Until it wasn’t.

By Anthony Acampora