Life Experiences with Mental Illness

Now, when I look back at everything that happened, I realized I'm a more empathetic person.

By Anita Jackson
Becoming Sure of Myself

I grew accustomed to the abuse, telling myself everything was my fault.

By Sarah Cook
Resilience Following the Virginia Tech Shooting

Following the shooting at Virginia Tech, Ann suffered from PTSD that affected her ability to teach.

By Ann Jeffers
I Survived

I made the decision to make sure what I went through was at least worth it.

By Hannah Siller
Sacred Fireflies

Sharing my story has given me a purpose in this world.

By Brittany Eldridge
Sifting Through Myself

I’m much stronger than my mind tries to trick me into believing.

By Danielle Glick
A Delicate Tapestry

I was afraid to be alone; I didn’t feel strong enough to be alone.

By Cynthia Fox Everett