Meet the Team

Jade Dumoulin: Editor in Chief

I’m a young poet, storyteller, and lover of words. I recently graduated from Salve Regina University with a B.A. in English Literature and a minor in Creative Writing. My extensive experience in essay-tutoring and creative workshopping has shaped my passion for editing and publishing.

I joined the Better Because Collective because I believe that overcoming and growing from trauma is a metamorphosis – and often the chrysalis opens up as we do, once the story is told. Better Because Collective illustrates the idea that empathy creates vitality. I am able to use my understanding of language and writing to help others tell their stories, and in doing so, to create a more empathetic and kind world.

Heather Austin: Editor/Submissions Manager

I’m an inquisitive, open-minded, and easy-going Floridian who has called the beautiful country of Turkey “home” for nearly a decade. I feel extremely lucky to have found my dream career: teaching English as a foreign language. Having also traveled to 19 countries, my unique background allows me to view the lived experiences of others through a different lens and interpret them in a meaningful way. With a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics and a fascination with language, I understand the power of words and – thanks to my own experiences with mental wellness – how important they are in the healing process.

There is undeniable value in being heard and sharing one’s own experience of personal growth. I joined the Better Because Collective to assist and support others in developing their stories in their own words, and, just as importantly, to help overcome the stigma surrounding mental health.

Maitri Kamdar: Communications Strategist

I’m a creative strategist and brand developer by profession and an optimistic and empathetic person by heart. Growing up in the United Arab Emirates and India has given me a cultural mindset that allows me to offer new perspectives to others – filling their lives with color. I’m passionate about joining hands with people through cultures, intentions, and causes, and I employ my content creation and communication strategies to build a more connected world around me.

Being the daughter of a personal recovery champion, I have witnessed the journey to mental wellness firsthand. Through the Better Because Collective, I’m able to raise awareness for a platform that encourages a positive outlook through conversations on mental wellness. It is my job to build a safe space for people to tell their stories and foster an attitude of hope and growth in their journey ahead, together.

Gabrielle Joyce: Story Publisher

I am a remote software developer who’s part Pennsylvanian resident part nomad. I apply my technical knowledge as well as my previous teaching experience to connect with my physical and virtual community. As a suicide loss survivor, I know the confusion of grief and anger. Healing is a continuous process and something everyone is experiencing in various degrees. We can unite around that shared experience and others to support and acknowledge one another’s individual needs. I believe in the Better Because Collective’s mission to push against the stigma of mental illness.